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Post by neilly on Fri Feb 27, 2009 5:22 pm

"April 27, "Loose Ends" - Michelle Trachtenberg returns as the manipulative Georgina Sparks for a four-episode arc, taking us through the end of the second season."

Gossip Girl: Did Georgina Join a Cult?!
Today 12:51 PM PST by Jennifer Godwin

Exactly how outlandish do you have to be to stun and amaze Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick)?

Georgina Sparks is back on Gossip Girl, and when E! News caught up with her on the set, Michelle Trachtenberg revealed, "We're filming a scene that's actually the first time we see Georgina. She has a little run-in with Chuck Bass, who is in shock and awe at her new attire and getup and demeanor." Looky loos on the set spied a less-glamazony Georgina than the one we remember from last year—could she have been the victim of a tragic makeunder, or is something more extreme afoot?

Here's what we're hearing about Georgina's shocking transformation (watch out for spoilers), along with her relationships with ex-lover Dan and sworn enemy Blair...

According to our spies, the big Chuck-Georgina reunion happens in the park when Chuck comes upon a group of oddly dressed people at a log cabin. The assembled young people are all wearing T-shirts that read "OMJC," and one asks Chuck, "Are you a wayward soul in search of direction?" Right about then a hippie-looking, creepy, smiley and altogether weird-seeming Georgina pops up and asks if Chuck's been saved as well.

OMFG. (Or should that be OMJC?!)

Has G been brainwashed by a cult?

Michelle says, "I think there are definitely evil elements that Georgina can never leave behind, but you will be seeing a different, let's say reformed, side of Georgina."

Madness! Now, what will this mean for Georgina's relationships with the rest of the Upper East Siders? According to Michelle, "Georgina has some unfinished business with Blair (Leighton Meester), but how that's going to transpire, I'm not sure. Could be a handshake, could be a fistfight, could get wild and crazy, and seeing as how we left Dan (Penn Badgley) and Georgina, there were some crazy sparks a brewin'. I'm sure there will be fireworks."

G's ep count remains up in the air, but little-known fact: She's been lurking on set this whole time. Michelle teases, "I've actually been in all of them. I've been in the background of certain scenes, so I did about 25 episodes. It's become an Internet funsies game, spot the hidden Georgina. I'm totally kidding! I can't actually say how many episodes [I'll be in], but it will definitely be filled with a lot of fantastic, juicy details and elements."

She ain't kidding! What do you think of this cult-y turn for G? Totally inspired or totally jump the shark? Post in the comments. Also check out the ridiculously great G.G. promos below, and be sure to tune in Mon., March 16 at 8 p.m. on the CW when Gossip Girl finally returns with new eps!
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what do you think is gonna happen??

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