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Post by Katie on Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:59 pm

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Blair Waldorf walked into her house, all proud and mighty.
"Mom, I'm leaving in two hours for the premiere party."
She informed her mother, whos back was towards her.
A phone was pressed to Mrs. Elenor Waldorf's ear.
Blair huffed and suddenly her phone ringed.
She took it from her purse and glanced the the name.
Nate Archibald.
Blair smiled and pressed 'Talk'.
"Hello," She answered and walked upstairs to get ready for the premiere party.

It was 4:30pm.
Blair had thirty minutes to arrive at the premiere party.
She walked down the stairs in her black silk dress.
"Mom, I'm leaving," She called while putting her hoop earrings in.
She swung out her door and towards the front.
The limosuine was outside, waiting for her.
"Good evening Miss. Waldorf," the driver tipped his hat and opened the car door.
"Evening. Premiere Party," was all Blair announced and stepped in.
Soon, the limo took off towards her location.

Arriving, Blair said hello to several people while searching for Nate or Chuck.
Suddenly, her phone vibrated meaning she was getting a text.
Looking at the message, a look of disbelief came across her face.
Serena Van der Woodsen was back.
The picture was S at Grand Central, coming home.

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