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3x12 The Debarted Empty 3x12 The Debarted

Post by LoveofMine on Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:52 am

I really need to know what the name of the song they were listening to in the car at the beginning of the episode was.... NEED TOO!


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3x12 The Debarted Empty Re: 3x12 The Debarted

Post by Rahel on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:07 am

The Song is called Suicide by The Ravonettes Smile I really like this song as well Wink

and I loved the episode Smile
in the beginning I was really upset:
1. I don't like Trip and Serena together.
2. I don't like it when Chuck and Blair don't get along.
3. I was angry at Lillie, because she hides something from Rufus.
4. Eric is becoming very mean.
5. Dan has feelings for Vanessa but can't tell her.

but in the end:
1. Trip and Serena are over...finally, or at least I hope so...and now there's a chance for a Serena/ Nate- thing... i hope that is going to happen Smile
2. Chuck and Blair are happy again...and I like the plot with the mysteroius grave person (Mum?)
3. Lillie will have to face Rufus and I'm looking forward to that, though I feel sorry for Rufus.
4. I like it that Eric and Jenny are friends again. I didn't really like Eric being mean.
5. Dan told Vanessa, but luckily she didn't answer him... I'm not really a fan of the idea of them being a couple.

Basically everything turned out well...well still some problems, sectrets and mysteries, but that's what I love most about GG: Every week there is something new, I can look forward to!! Smile

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